Temperature, heart rate & oxygen levels


Temperature, heart rate & oxygen levels

eMonitor - baby heartbeat monitor station

Monitor Device

Now you can relax and let your baby (newborn – 12 months) sleep while you watch TV, read a book or just relax in another room. The Elepho eMonitor includes a comfy ankle bracelet attached to your baby’s leg that monitors pulse rate of your baby. The eMonitor can also accurately measure oxygen levels as an advanced vital sign (in a later version). Using low energy Bluetooth transmission, the eMonitor sends an alert to your smartphone if there are any significant changes in your baby’s wellness levels.

baby heart rate monitor anklet

Advanced sensors

using proprietary technology the advanced reflective sensors will measure your baby’s vital sign information in a low energy, non-invasive manner and send the information to a dedicated app so you receive real-time information about your baby. This is particularly important as a parental reassurance tool especially during the sleeping hours of your baby. In addition you’ll be able to hear your baby crying via audio sensors in the baby’s room which are linked to a base station for signal transmission to your Smartphone and dedicated App.

How to use

Simply place the soft anklet on the baby’s leg and use the Velcro strap to comfortably secure the eMonitor bracelet to the baby’s leg. The sensors are turned on via a base station in the baby’s room that also operates to transmit the signal to the parent or caregiver’s Smartphone. The anklet does not require any battery change and can be easily recharged periodically via the base station. With safety being our priority, our low energy sensors ensure that minimum power is required to run the system in addition to minimizing amounts of light that shine on the baby; this compares to other baby monitors that require very large amount of light and energy to shine on the baby to obtain similar measurements.

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