Temperature, heart rate & oxygen levels


Temperature, heart rate & oxygen levels

eTherm - a baby forehead thermometer

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Taking a baby’s temperature has always been a challenge… until now. Just place the eTherm on the baby’s forehead for a few seconds. Baby’s temperature, heart rate and oxygen levels appear on an easy-to-read display. Keep track of your child’s temperature without fussing, fighting or sterilizing thermometers plus it gives you oximeter and pulse readings at the same time. eTherm is Ideal for babies, kids, parents and older patients who want more than a temperature reading and who find conventional thermometers invasive or uncomfortable to use. A must for every home.

Single button use

The eTherm has been designed for maximum convenience with a single ‘smart’ button that enables vital sign measurements to be taken including temperature with a simple click.

eTherm - button of the forehead thermometer
eTherm forehead thermometer sensor

Advanced sensors

The eTherm incorporates a set of advanced sensors that allow contactless and contact measurements to be taken. For ease of use, if only the temperature reading is required, an advanced accurate contactless sensor will give you that reading in seconds. For additional vital sign information, a contact sensor will measure heart rate and oxygen saturation levels directly from via forehead contact making this one of the most advanced devices on the market now accessible to consumers.

How to use

For temperature readings simply place the sensor head close to (about 1.5” or 4 cm) from the forehead and press the ‘smart’ button for temperature readings within seconds in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit. The eTherm automatically stores the temperature value for comparison with previous readings. Additionally, the eTherm comes with a convenient storage stand to hold the device and to protect the sensors when not in use.

Elephant checking baby's fever with the eTherm forehead thermometer